Game Online with Real Prizes Exclusive from Japan


Still cannot get over the joy of playing claw machines? Game online with real prizes is worth trying because it gives you the thrill of playing claw machines without the need to leave your home. Even you can improve your clawing skill everywhere and anytime from your smartphone. 

Playing this claw machine game allows you to get special prizes that you cannot find everywhere else. Due to this reason, this game has been received more than 31 million downloads and has given away more than 10 million prizes to its players across the globe. 

Game Online With Real Prizes to Win

This game offers players a lot of unique and exclusive prizes for those who win each challenge. This claw machine center is located in Shizuoka so all of the prizes are uniquely Japanese. Whenever you win the game, you can add it to your collections or give it as gifts for your loved ones. 

There are multiple types of prizes that you can win from the game such as electronics, soft toys, food, toys, and anime. All them of are limited-edition which only you can bring home by winning the game. Otherwise, you can pay it only for $1 when its original prices come expensive. 

The game maker also made an exclusive merchandising contract with numerous anime series. Hence, you can find a variety of famous Japanese characters in this game such as Pokemon, One Piece, DragonBall, and many bothers. Those anime figures are not available or sold anywhere else. 

Once you win the game, don’t be surprised if your prizes arrive at your home soon. It is because international shipping is available from the game. All the prizes that have been won by players will be shipped from Japan using either DHL or EMS and can approach more than 60 countries in the world. 

Different Types of Claw Machines

There are five different claw machines with different skills that will help you in improving your clawing skills. Each claw machine has its own play of playing so if you get enough with one of them, you can try the others. Hence, playing with those claw machines gives you never-ending excitement. 

There are bridge style, ping-pong ball, treasure hunt, hang & hook & shake, and bounded machine. You can conquer all of them by getting unlimited practice plays to master them and win every challenge. 

Easy Chance to Win

Winning this game is actually easy as long as you understand the way of playing each claw machine and practice your skills. Even when you face any problem during the play, the customer satisfaction team is always ready to help you to overcome the problem as they can be reached via chat.

Talk to them and they will suggest a fast solution. Delivering the highest quality of customer service is one of the great things that you will get when playing this game. It is because they put customer satisfaction as the top priority. 

Game online with real prizes provides you with an easy chance to win the game and get unique anime prizes no matter where you are. 

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