Clawtopia: Claw Machine Game Online in United State


Claw machines are incredibly fun. Even more so if you can win the prize. Have you ever tried playing a claw machine game online? If you haven’t already, check out Clawtopia: claw machine game online in United State. 

Using only your smartphone and internet connection, you can play exciting claw machine games without leaving the comfort of your home. Continue reading learn more about it.

Features of Clawtopia: Claw Machine Game Online in United State

  • Play a variety of claw machine games.
  • Win real prizes, many of which are exclusive and limited-edition items. You can’t buy them elsewhere.
  • Realistic control of the claw machine.
  • Experience and reward program. Earn EXP by playing games and winning prizes.
  • Level function. Earn EXP, level up, and get achievement rewards.
  • Practice mode. You can practice as much as you want. It only costs stamina, which recovers in time. Have fun and hone your skill.

Who Is the App for?

Basically everyone who loves claw machines and plays with them. If you are a Japan aficionado, it is for you too. There are lots of uniquely Japanese items to win. From common claw machine prizes like toys and soft toys to exclusive merchandise from popular series, electronics, and even food.

How Do I Play?

All you need to do is get Clawtopia on Google Play or download it from Apple Store. You will also need a stable internet connection to ensure smooth gameplay.

To play the game, select the claw machine you want to play and the prize you want to win. There are plenty of claw machines to choose from, each has a different gameplay to win the prize. Here are some examples:

  • Bridge Style. Drop the prize between rods to win.
  • Ping-Pong Ball. Drop a ping-pong ball in the colored hole to win.
  • Treasure Hunt. Pick up the right chain to win.
  • Hang & Hook & Shake. Hook the pink ring to drop to win.
  • Bounded Prize. Pick up the prize and drop it through the rubber bands to win.

Download Now and Grab the Premium Tickets

For a limited time only, Clawtopia rewards new players with premium tickets. If you download the app, you will be rewarded with 5 premium tickets. You can use a premium ticket to play any claw machine you want for free. If you can win while using a ticket, the prize is yours free of charge.

So if you are looking for an exciting way to play claw machines, Clawtopia: claw machine game online in United State is for you. Play claw machines now and win real prizes.

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